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I help Millennials and Gen-Xers to break free from Life Burnout and discover what created this, bring them solutions so that they can live the incredible life they were born to.

We don't start out intending to feel overwhelmed, stuck, alone, empty, stressed, confused and tired. When we find ourselves in this position, it's not always clear how to return to where we want to be.

I know what struggle, confusion, self-doubt, burnout, abandonment, hurt, exhaustion, disconnect, fear, pain and frustration all feel like. It has been my struggles for most of my life. I didn’t get an owner’s manual for life, neither did you.

Life has been hard, really hard, but only because I didn’t know what I know now. I felt like I was in a rinse and repeat, hamster wheel and that no one else was struggling at life like me. I felt stuck and love-less. I felt unworthy for any good thing’s that life offered to others. Hey, I know where you are at and how you have felt. I did too and sometimes I still feel that mindset creep in. I now know how to deal with that though.

If you are reading this, I'm certain you are ready for a change. I too was at a fed-up place when I reached out to get coaching around my issues. What coaching does for someone is it allows you to dig deep, become aware and shift your thinking in all aspects of your life. You have had enough of what you are dealing with. You have struggled enough. Read books, watched videos and listened to podcasts hoping that one of those things would be the thing to fix you. You have gone to friends who advise you but maybe don’t listen very well and know enough to move the dial on your issues.

I get it. You’re not broken and you don’t need fixing. You just need the tools that will work for you.

I am happy to tell you, I have those tools and I have that knowledge to gain you insight into your behaviour. We will be looking at your thoughts and actions/inactions that are giving you the results you currently have.

Let’s create the life you want, be the person you want to be and achieving the goals that you always wanted and not what you were told you should want.

I bring a wide array of skills and experiences to the sessions I engage in. I am focused on Mindset, Core/Acquired Values, Habits, Limiting Beliefs and Burnout as areas of personal interest, within the coaching communities I belong. The good news is, I read everything, so you don’t have to. 

My goals are to discover with you what has been getting in your way, learn how that took hold for you, look at what is attainable for you, change your thinking around subjects you struggle with and re-learn a better way to move you forward. We create your life plan. We change your behaviour pattern. We transform your life into what you always wanted for yourself. When we work together, I have the answers and a belief that you can do this. You just bring the desire for change and the commitment to make lasting change happen. I will become your partner, your support, your belief system (until you have it for yourself) and your life coach and motivator.  

Are you ready to take action? Lets Go.

I felt stuck and unmotivated for a very long time before I found Sherry and started coaching with her. Now, months later my life has done a complete 180 for the better.

Soren Black

Tracey Pickman

Each session I had with Sherry, was an opportunity to discover something new about myself and how I was thinking. The tools she gave me enhanced our sessions and left me better able to cope with the life I was trying to create for myself. I'm so grateful.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Sherry showed me it was OK to be me and taught me how to love life again.

Rebecca Waters

Sherry Olsen has taken her Professional & Business Life Coaching through the Canadian Coaching Academy. 

Since 2017, she has been the owner of Cranky Knot Wellness Centre in Vancouver, BC and has been a Registered Massage Therapist for more than 20 years. Sherry has been in the wellness industry for many years working with a multitude of practitioners and has gained valuable skills and tools that assist her in her career.

Sherry’s mission is to excite people into finding their inner power, discovering where they really want to be and to recognizing their value and worth within so that they will be free to sore with confidence, opportunity and peace. life is meant to be lived and her goal is to help you do exactly that.

She is a meditator, committed to life-long learning and enjoys the process of self-discovery. She loves her role as a Mother, mentor, educator and is fond of writing in her spare time.


What to expect in a coaching session

Sherry is committed to creating a safe, curious, compassionate and confidential space for clients to share their stories and work through their patterns that no longer are helping them. A session will feel more like an empowering conversation than anything else. We sometimes don’t see or hear what we do and say, this opportunity will shine a light on those aspects of us that go unnoticed. The beliefs we hold, the values we follow, the assumptions we make, the actions we repeat all form a basis for how our lives play out. These behaviors are sometimes holding us back and preventing what we truly want from our lives.

Sherry will work with you to establish goals and co-create a personal plan of action. She is also committed to holding you accountable through each stage of your personal and business transformation process.

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Hey there, I'm Sherry...

I have spent years listening to business professionals who were incredibly stressed out and overworked. Many conversations that I had, were while I was employed as a Massage Therapist.

The common theme I noticed was about Life Burnout.

Whether it was from a young Millennial who was overwhelmed and unsure about their life (they were afraid of failure but had never really experienced it to begin with) or maybe it was a Gen-Xer that was talking about nearing mid life and feeling stuck in the expectations of others (years of investment and fear of change). This was not the life they wanted and now were unable to see a way out.

Whatever the story, there was a very real need to get help for these people. I could help. I was always sure that I would arrive at the place I did in becoming a life coach. The Great Pause (Covid shutdown) was that moment of decision for me. I decided to not put off any more what I wanted to do with my future and jumped into my new path. I did it after a long career that I loved and continue to love.

I never let my age, my income  or my lack of support be a reason to hold me back and I know that you can choose to be confident in your choices too. I am grateful for all the struggles and disappointments in my life. The steps and stumbles I took to get here, are just proof of my strength, courage and power.

I did it, I continue to do it and I know that you can too.

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How we do one thing, We do all things and that goes for our decision making too. 

Indecision is what has you stuck right now in your life. 

At some point we just have to take that leap of faith and trust that we will land on our feet. The good news in coaching with me, is that you wont be doing this alone. I will be your partner, your belief system, your motivator and your co-creator of a plan.

The things you have tried already, have failed and if you could do this on your own, you would have already. The buffering you currently do, to avoid looking at the issue, is leaving you more lost and confused. Whatever you are doing at the moment, is not healing the problem.

This is the deep work that you are screaming out for. So lets stop lying awake with worry, stop Netflix bingeing, stop being a victim, stop isolating,  stop overconsuming and overmedicating. Your life-changing Transformation is literally in your reach, you just have to decide to take it. 

Let's make a decision TODAY to get the life you want!

Yes, I'm Ready!